This coming Spring Quarter, you’ll learn all the key aspects of entrepreneurship by doing; this methodology has proven to help driven young people learn the leadership and entrepreneurship skills they need to start a company, have real impact in future jobs, and leads overall to career outcomes and the ability to “make stuff happen” — from scratch.

We operate on a curriculum that is specially developed to take members through the core elements involved in business and leadership:

  • Value Creation – What do people actually want? How and why do they buy? Learn how to research and understand markets, think strategically, and identify places where people have unmet needs.
  • Verbal and Communication Skills – Communicate and leverage the power of your words. You’ll master outreach, sales, negotiation, and other soft skills.
  • Distribution & Delivery – Refine the value you are creating, target and market to your customers, and create great experiences for all involved.

Our members learn about these core elements and use these skills to set up charity deals. This involves creating and offering unique opportunities that allow people to connect in meaningful ways that also happen benefit charity.

Students involved with GiveGetWin acquire a myriad of skills. Not only do they grow to understand people and business better, they come to think like entrepreneurs. They can create, market, and sell their ideas while having a positive impact on the world.

On a logistical level, GGWC members meet on a weekly basis on Northwestern University’s Evanston campus to build their skills. There are 5 training and lecture sessions in total, each with its own theme and learning outcomes. Each meeting lasts 3 hours, but every minute counts. The first hour involves a lecture, after which members are given the opportunity to apply the lessons they were just taught hands on.

Learn more about our curriculum here.